Method discovered to unlock bootloader on 2016 Verizon Pixels [telecom]

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By Ryan Whitwam

One of the nice things about Google's phones has always been that you
could unlock the bootloaders to flash ROMs or official system
images. However, Verizon isn't cool with that, so Pixels sold by the
carrier don't support bootloader unlocking. Or do they? An XDA poster
has discovered a method for unlocking the bootloader on first-gen
Verizon Pixels, and it's not even very complicated.

All you'll need to get your Pixel or Pixel XL unlocked is a computer
with ADB running. Remove your Google account from the phone, take the
SIM card out, and reset your device (after backing up, of
course). When it reboots, skip the entire setup process - don't
even connect to WiFi. Then go into the settings and enable USB
debugging. Next, you'll need to connect the phone to your PC and use
the following ADB command.

Bill Horne
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