Mapping The Nsa's Secret Spy Hubs [telecom]

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By Brian Barrett

The Intercept this week published the locations of eight AT&T
buildings that it says also serve as surveillance hubs for the
National Security Agency. By piecing together public documents,
classified files, and interviews, the outlet identified these
networking equipment centers in Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles,
Chicago, Dallas, New York, DC, and Atlanta. These locations are
significant in that they route traffic not just from AT&T customers
but from other internet backbone providers who have so-called peering
agreements with the telecom giant. The facilities don't exist
specifically for the NSA; they simply offer the most bang for the buck
in terms of watching data pass through. There's nothing necessarily
illegal about the arrangement, but the NSA is prohibited from spying
on communications between two US citizens - a lot of which presumably
travels through these eight sites.

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