John Oliver may have spurred 150,000 comments to FCC [telecom]

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John Oliver's Net neutrality campaign may have spurred 150,000
comments to FCC

by Mike Snider and Elizabeth Weise

Nearly 200,000 people have already commented on net neutrality to the
Federal Communications Commission - many likely spurred on by HBO's
John Oliver.

The comedian and host of the premium pay-TV channel's "Last Week
Tonight With John Oliver" on Sunday urged viewers to go to the FCC's
web site to voice their support for current net neutrality regulations
passed in 2015. The FCC had prepared for a new round of public comment
after FCC Chairman Ajit Pai last month began the process of
reconsidering the net neutrality rules, which require Internet service
providers to treat all legal content equally.

***** Moderator's Note *****

The most important part of the story isn't mentioned in the USA Today
article: it's the tiny little detail of *HOW* Mr. Oliver got so many
Netizens to visit the FCC site.

In the HBO video, Mr. Oliver gave his viewers two URL's which  
shorten the process of making a comment to the FCC: both

< and

< will redirect viewers to -

< :((17-108))>,  

where they may clink on the "+Express" link on the right side of the
screen to leave a comment.

Bill Horne

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