Industry Voices - Moore: A farewell to Sprint [telecom]

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by Jeff Moore

Very soon, the Sprint brand will be gone from the U.S. telecom
market. "On August 2, we're combining our Sprint and T-Mobile brands
to operate as one T-Mobile brand nationwide," T-Mobile CEO Mike
Sievert said on July 22.

This wasn't supposed to happen. At its height in March 2006, Sprint's
market capitalization was $76 billion. This was in the aftermath of
Sprint's $35 billion acquisition of a national competitor, Nextel, in
2005. As of 2005, Sprint was the third biggest U.S. carrier and Nextel
was the fifth biggest. The deal also gave Sprint a chunk of the
prepaid market via Nextel's Boost Mobile asset.

Bill Horne
Telecom Digest Moderator

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