In 2019, Expect More FoFO Folly From Brands [telecom]

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by Christina Beavis

If brand marketers knew that companies lost $75 billion in 2017
because of poor customer service (according to a New Voice Media
study) I can only pray that they would take the appropriate actions to
at least stop the hemorrhaging.


A singular brand-owned online forum would be one place to start honest
dialogues with customers, because social media, as it turns out, is
not the powerful tool that serves as a direct, immediate communication
channel between businesses and their customers. Instead, social media
channels are noisy, nasty places with poor analytics, and they tend to
cause more FoFO. Check out the comments on Verizon's Facebook page to
get a taste of unassuaged customer rage.

Bill Horne
(Remove QRM from my email address to write to me directly)

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