I Needed to Save My Mother's Memories. I Hacked Her Phone. [telecom]

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After she died, breaking into her phone was the only way to put together the
pieces of her digital life.

By Leslie Berlin

Several days after my mother died in a car accident, my two sisters
and I sat together in her apartment, stunned and overwhelmed. High on
our horrible to-do list - along with retrieving her smashed vehicle
from the tow lot, making burial plans and meeting with the rabbi -
was this: getting into her cellphone.

Everything we needed to get her affairs in order was on her phone. Her
contacts would tell us who to reach out to about the memorial
service. Her email would tell us whether she had made plans we needed
to cancel. Her finance apps would tell us whether she had been paying
bills electronically. And there would be personal information, too.
Her texts to family and friends. Her notepad. Her photos. The e-book
she had been reading on the flight home in the hours before the
accident as she left the Tulsa International Airport.


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