How To Sell Your Old Iphone For The Most Money [telecom]

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WHEN YOU'VE GOT a new phone, the world seems sparkly and bright. But
don't forget about your old phone yet. A number of services will give
you cash or store credit for a used device. Just make sure to wipe all
your data off your old phone before you part with it.

We've gathered some services where you can trade in an old device for
cash or store credit. Most of these services also take Samsung and
Google devices, and all of them take iPhones. To compare the prices
offered by each service, we ran a price check for an Apple iPhone 8
(64GB, AT&T) in various states of damage.

Bill Horne
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Re: How To Sell Your Old Iphone For The Most Money [telecom]
They missed my fave used phone site, Swappa at ,
where I've bought and sold lots of phones.

Their prices for iPhone 8 are at least as good as Glyde, the site they recommend.

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