How dare you try to call Verizon? [telecom]

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I've just sold my home in Massachusetts.  

I tried to call Verizon, in Massachusetts, to have the phone disconnected.

The number that's on the Verizon website goes to Verizon Wireless. The
brain-dead telephone response robot demanded to know my security PIN.

Again, and again, and again.  

I didn't want to give it any excuse to disconnect my cell phone. I
finally discovered that entering six zeroes, again and again and
again, would get me to a human. The person I spoke to transferred me
to a super-seecrit internal line that leads to the dungeon where the
"wire side" trolls are cordoned off from the script kiddies in the
oh-so-perfect-wireless-world. She assured me that there is no outside
line that would provide me the privilege of accessing their extra-
ordinary expertise by myself: I would, she said, always have to go  
through the number on the website.

I eventually wound up with a representative who took my order and
provided a confirmation number in about five minutes.

There is, or should be, a special circle of hell for those who dictate
that customers' time and energy aren't important to Verizon.  

Oh, and if anyone in the 781 area code wants a number that spells "RUG
RATS", call Verizon RSN. You can tell them that you had the number in
your home when you were a kid: that's what worked for me back in 1988.


Bill Horne
(Remove QRM from my email address to write to me directly)

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