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by Philip P. Gura

There's an old Yiddish saying, passed down to me from my grandparents,
that is worth recalling in these uncertain and potentially infectious
times: "When three people say you're drunk, go lie down in the
gutter." So, when my brother the doctor (he's the smart one) texted
the family last night to say about COVID-19 "go out and buy two weeks
of provisions; this is going to be bad", I took heed and headed out to
the store.

Which brings me to work. Many of us are soon likely to be told, not
asked, to work from home (WFH). I have WFH for the better part of a
decade and I can tell you that it takes, well, work to keep your
productivity high when the couch, TV and 'fridge are all within easy
reach. I have come to love WFH and like to think I've learned a thing
or two about it. It's not for everyone, so here are few hard-learned
lessons for those of you new to the art.


Bill Horne
Telecom Digest Moderator

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