History - 1978 - Santa Catalina Island cutover to dial [telecom]

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When this offshore community converted to dial telephone service in
1978, it made the national news.  It was the last Bell System manual

An newspaper article describes the cutover:

A Bell Labs Record article, which unfortunately, isn't available on
line, described the small sized modular ESS that was used to replace
the switchboard.

Re: History - 1978 - Santa Catalina Island cutover to dial [telecom]
On Thursday, July 19, 2018 at 12:00:20 PM UTC-4, HAncock4 wrote:
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In April, 1954, Fredericksburg, VA, cutover to dial.  It was such a
big deal that the newspaper printed a special section describing in
detail the cutover process, the telephone company, and ads by
customers.  see (right side):


see also front page: (right bottom) "Carefully detailed midnight
operation to give city long awaited dial phones".


Re: [telecom] History - 1978 - Santa Catalina Island cutover to dial
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I live in Fredericksburg and know the newspaper article you're talking
about. That was the cutover was to a #5 Crossbar on 25 April 1954 that
served as regional tandem to C&P Telephone (Fredericksburg area and
areas to the southwest and northwest, Fredericksburg and Wilderness
Telephone (to the west) Commonwealth Telephone (to the north) and
Tidewater Telephone (points to the south and east). The rest of the
region was ALL step by step. Fredericksburg was the last area to cut
over to dial, as the other areas mentioned were already dial between
circa 1949 and 1953.

That 5XB served the area well until December 1975 when a 1AESS was
installed to handle toll traffic to and from the region. The 5XB and
1AESS were eventually cut over to a 5ESS that still serves the area
and still serves as the regional tandem.

Oh, and due to various mergers over the course of time, the entire
area is now all Verizon!

Dave Perrussel
Telephone World

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