High rates for calls from immigration detention centers in the United States [telecom]

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Regular readers will be aware that phone calls from prisons in the  
United States can be extremely expensive, partly because the  
telecommunications carrier in many cases is required to make payments  
to the prison.

The issue also exists with immigration detention centers, although  
parents in immigration detention are sometimes allowed free calls to  
children who are also in immigration detention. I do not know whether  
telecommunications carriers providing services to immigration  
detention centers are required to make payments to the centers that  
would push rates higher.

A BuzzFeed article from July 2018:
Democratic Lawmakers Say ICE Charging Parents To Call Their Kids  
Violates Immigration Standards

A petition at ThePetitionSite.com based on the BuzzFeed article:
"We sign this petition to demand that ICE ensure that all phone calls  
between separated parents and children be free of charge."

The petition's page incorrectly states that the high fees are being  
charged by the federal government rather than by a telecommunications  

Nigel Allen

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