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Happy New Year! It's 2019!

As in years past, I'd like to have the readers' opinions on ways to
make The Telecom Digest a better publication and a better source for
information and telecom advice. Please write to me here at the usual
digest address, or at my private email address, which is "bill at
horne dot net." If you write to the digest address, but would rather
not have your remarks posted, add the Not For Publication glyph to
your Subject line - [nfp] - instead of the usual [telecom].

The first question I'll ask is this: "What future do you see for The
Telecom Digest?" We're not getting the number of contributions we did
in years past, and I've had to contribute most of the past year's
content myself. In order to find out how to attract more contributors,
I'm going to ask for as many opinions as I can about what kinds of
content you want to see.

That bring up the second qustion: what are *YOUR* feelings, and what
do *YOU* want to read here? Your opinions and suggestions are
essential to making the Telecom Digest a better publication.


Bill Horne

Re: [telecom] Happy New Year
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And the same to you and all readers.

I'm happy with what we have for now; it's a good blend of internet,
telephony, and cell phone stuff with the occasional welcome trips down
memory lane.

A minor issue - when there's an item about '911 outage in Hopeless
County' [or other event] it would be very helpful to identify where
this is.
Keep up the good work.  I suspect you'd like to see more contributions
from readers and I'll try to do my part, but you might want to exhort
the troops again.  

Julian & Mary Jane Thomas

Re: [telecom] Happy New Year
On Wed, Jan 02, 2019 at 07:31:48PM -0500, Julian Thomas wrote:
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Thanks for the compliment! I live for emails like yours!

The many stories I find from "Hopeless County" and similar locations
almost all have one thing in common: they are published without any
easy way to /find/ the state or country that they come from. It's very
common to find a story on the web that says "Hopeless County Sheriff
says phones are the work of the devil," but they are mostly copies of
articles from small-town newspapers, and there's almost never any
mention of where the "Hopeless County News" is actually located: I
know when I see one that it'll take at least half an hour to find
where the hell "Hopeless County" /is/. Sometimes it's easy, others
not, so I have to make a snap decision on whether the events in
"Hopeless County" merit the attention of a wider audience even though
I can't provide the Sheriff's latitude and longitude. :-\

If you know how I can ease that process, _PLEASE_ tell me! :-)

Thanks again for writing: please consider contributing posts concerning
areas of telecom that are of interest to you: the odds are that they
will interest others, too.


Bill Horne

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