Green America Calls Out Verizon On Misleading Ad Campaign [telecom]

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Green America Calls Out Verizon On Misleading Ad Campaign Embracing
100% Renewable Energy

By Joshua S. Hill

Ethical consumerism non-profit Green America has this week gone on the
offensive against American telecommunications giant Verizon regarding
what it describes as misleading '#humanability' advertising campaign
that is currently focusing on a partnership with the Hawaiian Electric

Green America has long been the self-imposed watchdog for America's
telecommunications companies, as highlighted by its Wireless Scorecard
which rates the big four companies - T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, and
Verizon - on their commitment to and current clean energy sourcing,
and their greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets. In March of this
year, the latest Scorecard gave T-Mobile an A-, Sprint received a C,
AT&T received a C-, and Verizon flunked out across the board with Fs.

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