Google signs up Verizon for its AI-powered contact center services [telecom]

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By Frederic Lardinois

Google today announced that it has signed up Verizon as the newest
customer of its Google Cloud Contact Center AI service, which aims to
bring natural language recognition to the often inscrutable phone
menus that many companies still use today (disclaimer: TechCrunch is
part of the Verizon Media Group). For Google, that's a major win, but
it's also a chance for the Google Cloud team to highlight some of the
work it has done in this area. It's also worth noting that the Contact
Center AI product is a good example of Google Cloud's strategy of
packaging up many of its disparate technologies into products that
solve specific problems.

Bill Horne
Telecom Digest Moderator

***** Moderator's Note *****

Yes, it's a press release. I just find it funny that Verizon can't
figure out how to do work-at-home without Google's help.

Bill Horne

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