Google's "Project Treble" solves Android update roadblocks [telecom]

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Google's "Project Treble" solves one of Android's many update roadblocks

Android's "Vendor Interface" will finally separate the OS from the hardware.

by Ron Amadeo

Since time immemorial, the Android ecosystem has made quickly updating
an operating system across devices seem like an impossible
task. Google releases a new version of Android, and while Nexus and
Pixel devices get updated, other Android OEMs mostly shrug their
shoulders and go about their business. If users are lucky, they might
get an OS update six months down the line, at which point Google has
already moved on to an even newer version of Android.

Ahead of Google I/O, Google has just dropped a bombshell of a blog
post that promises, for real this time, that it is finally doing
something about Android's update problems. "Project Treble" is a plan
to modularize the Android OS, separating the OS framework code from
"vendor specific" hardware code. In theory, this change would allow
for a new Android update to be flashed on a device without any
involvement from the silicon vendor. Google calls it "the biggest
change to the low-level system architecture of Android to date," and
it's already live on the Google Pixel's Android O Developer Preview.

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