GILLESPIE: Suffering from a disruption in service [telecom]

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Opinion by Jay Gillespie

My wife told me that she had made an appointment with Comcast to
update our cable service. Apparently, we are paying more than we
should with our current agreement. Our neighbors, she said, are paying
$197 per month for their cable but have premium movie channels and
three DVRs. I quickly declared myself ready and willing, especially
after she told me that in comparison we pay $219 per month and have
only two boxes. Furthermore, according to my wife, Comcast had
promised to double our internet speed, provide us with two DVRs, and
give us Showtime as a throw-in for the breast cancer she has been
suffering from for the past seven months, a concession that literally
seems like the least they could do.

I come from a simple time when you purchased a television, brought it
home, plugged it in, and watched one of the three available
channels. In my current neighborhood, we do not have the option of
Verizon Fios which stops providing service roughly 500 feet down the
road because, according to a retired Verizon operative who lives
across the street, "It wasn't going to make any money
based on the cost to install it."

Bill Horne
(Remove QRM from my email address to write to me directly)

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