FCC Wants To Kill Net Neutrality. Congress Will Pay The Price [telecom]

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Opinion by Ryan Singel

FCC CHAIR AJIT Pai's plan to repeal net neutrality provisions and
reclassify broadband providers from "common carriers" to "information
services" is an unprecedented giveaway to big broadband providers and
a danger to the internet. The move would mean the FCC would have
almost no oversight authority over broadband providers like Comcast,
Verizon, and AT&T.

Even industry analysts who expected the reclassification of broadband
providers from Title II common carriers to Title I information
services were stunned. Following Pai's announcement, independent cable
analyst Craig Moffett sent out an email to investors entitled "Shock
and Awe and Net Neutrality," writing, "We've known since the election
that the FCC would reverse Title II. But we never expected this.  
Yesterday's FCC Draft Order on Net Neutrality went much further
than we ever could've imagined in not only reversing Title II, but in
dismantling virtually all of the important tenets of net neutrality


Bill Horne
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