FCC Poised to Gut '96 Telecom Act [telecom]

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Analysis by Carol Wilson

The FCC may be poised to basically gut many of the provisions of the
1996 Telecommunications Act, the landmark legislation that unleashed
competition in the telecom space more than two decades ago, now that
large incumbents are pushing a compromise plan that delays the action.

Incumbent telcos, led by their trade association United States Telecom
Association (USTelecom) , asked the Federal Communications Commission
(FCC) in May to dispense with rules that require them to resell their
last-mile connections to customers to competitive carriers as
unbundled network elements (UNEs) at prescribed wholesale rates,
claiming competition is well established already. It was the access to
these UNEs and the guarantee of cost-effective connectivity that
spurred the telecom boom in the late '90s, with an explosion of fiber
network construction.


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