FCC Opens The 2.5 GHz Band For 5G Wireless Services [telecom]

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by Angela Y. Kung and Christen B'anca Glenn

As part of its strategy to make additional mid-band spectrum available
for Fifth Generation ("5G") wireless services, the Federal
Communications Commission ("FCC") recently adopted a Report and Order
that revises its rules for the 2.5 GHz band - the largest contiguous
band of spectrum below 3 gigahertz - in a manner that will pave the
way for the Commission to auction the spectrum for commercial use next
year. Specifically, the Report and Order:

* removes several restrictions on the part of the band currently
  designated for Educational Broadband Service ("EBS") use, in favor
  of allowing flexible use, in order to attract commercial investment;

* creates a priority filing window for Tribal entities interested in
  obtaining unassigned EBS spectrum;

* adopts procedures to conduct an overlay auction for the remaining
  EBS spectrum; and

* adopts county-based licensing and performance requirements for the
  new overlay licenses.


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