Editorial: When It Comes To The Internet, Nobody Is Neutral [telecom]

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I think I have a way to address the proposed new FCC policy - a policy
which will revoke Net Neutrality.

It's easy to implement, will improve your life, requires little
effort, and is guaranteed to have immediate results.

Never mind calling your elected representatives: they no longer
represent you. Don't bother to call the FCC: they are now a cheering
section for the Baby Bells and the Cable Companies. The ruling class
of America doesn't care what the congress or the FCC say publicly, and
neither should you.

I propose we cut out all the hangers-on, the middlemen, the beltway
bandits, and their lapdogs on Capitol Hill. Stop wasting time
caterwauling about fairness, either as a doctrine or a
principle. Don't bother to plead a case in Washington, either: the
political class is no longer concerned with ordinary people or
fairness or any cases but the ones holding the expensive booze they
import by the truckload as a lubricant for the machinery of power you
and I can never see or affect.

Here's what I think we should do -

Don't buy anything that touches the Internet this holiday season. No
"Internet Aware" TV, no remote control thermostats, no Wi-Fi alarm
systems, or routers, or PC's, or anything that has an Ethernet jack or
a Wi-Fi chip in it. Don't worry about any so-called deals you might
miss: there will be deeper discounts available after the holidays than
any you are seeing now.

Write letters to every advertiser that you see on TV in the next week
(however you currently get TV) and tell them that Network Neutrality
is too big an issue to ignore and that you're boycotting their
products to make them understand that they must get involved. Every
car company. Every soap manufacturer. Every appliance store. Every
firm that wants your money needs to know the reason you're going to
wait until next year to buy something you were thinking of getting
now. The letters will have a much bigger impact if they're
hand-written, but write *something*!

Turn Facebook and Google and everything else off for the holidays,
including cellular data plans. Tell the kids that they need to go back
to the basics of reading books and writing with pencils and thinking
for themselves. Tell them that they'll need to learn to do without the
Internet because Republican stooges are trying to steal the network
that your taxes paid to develop and debug and deploy, and make sure
they know that they should tell their teachers and their friends the
same thing.

That's it - simple, direct, a long-standing American tradition: hit
'em in their wallet and you'll get their attention very, very
quickly. Please start right away. The statisticians at the advertising
agencies keep very careful track of how many eyeballs are being
delivered to how many advertisers, and any drop *WILL* be noticed very

Feel free to pass this along, but please wait until AFTER you've told
every advertiser everywhere you visit that you're boycotting them
because the FCC is stealing the Internet.

No matter what the FCC decides, you'll be able to hold your head
high. At least you'll be able to say that you tried to stop it.


Bill Horne

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