Don't Hold Your Breath Waiting For The FCC, FTC To Punish Verizon For Screwing Firefighter...

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We've noted how the telecom industry been having great success in the
Trump era eliminating FCC, FTC, and state authority over telecom
monopolies. The underlying industry justification is that gutting
consumer protections will somehow magically improve competition and
spur investment by regional telecom monopolies, a decades-old claim
that has never been true, and yet somehow never dies. In reality, when
you kill regulatory oversight of natural monopolies (without shoring
up the underlying competition issues beneath), the problem only tends
to get worse. It's something you probably noticed if you've had any
interactions with Comcast lately.

Last week the perils in this particular course of action were laid
bare when Verizon was busted first throttling and then trying to
upsell first responders while they were trying to combat wildfires in
California. Gigi Sohn, one of the ex-FCC staffers that helped craft
the rules, did a good job pointing out how the FCC's "Restoring
Internet Freedom" order didn't just kill net neutrality, it punted the
FCC's ability to hold ISPs like Verizon accountable ...

Bill Horne
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