Despite Promises on Jobs, AT&T Announces California Layoffs [telecom]

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(This is from the CWA newsletter. I didn't find an online version)

Despite promises to use its enormous tax savings to create "7,000
high-paying, really good jobs," AT&T this week announced additional
layoffs across California.

"What AT&T has been doing in communities across California and across
the country is inexcusable," said Thomas Runnion, vice president of
Communications Workers of America District 9. "The company has
received over $21 billion in tax cuts, but has eliminated over 20,000
jobs since the tax cut passed. They hide behind words like 'geographic
rationalization,' but they are causing real hardship to California's
working families in order to squeeze every last penny of profit out of
their customers."

A report in Motherboard earlier this year noted that California was
one of the states targeted for layoffs. The latest layoffs affect 368
technicians represented by CWA. While the cuts impact locations across
the state, they are concentrated in the San Diego and Los Angeles

CWA has been calling for a Congressional investigation into how AT&T
has been using its tax cut since it has not fulfilled its promise to
create jobs and invest in the United States. While AT&T responds to
criticism of its massive job cuts with boasts about hiring, hiring to
address turnover is not the same as job creation.

Bill Horne
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