CWA actions against Verizon [telecom]

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CWAers Stand with XPO Workers to Call for Change

In October, The New York Times exposed discrimination against pregnant
women in a Verizon-contracted distribution center in Memphis,
Tenn. Pregnant workers requested lighter duty from their employer, XPO
Logistics, and were denied. Several women lost their pregnancies after
enduring long hours lifting Verizon products in the XPO warehouse.

This week, CWA members across the country stood in solidarity with
workers at XPO, joining actions with the Teamsters at Verizon stores
in more than 10 cities around the country. Workers and allies are
calling for immediate action by Verizon and XPO to address the
problems in Memphis and throughout XPO's operations, and to demand
that Verizon clean up its supply chain.

Bill Horne
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