Court's rejection of DOJ's attempt to block the AT&T/Time Warner Merger is good news for c...

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By Jeanne M. Cors

On June 12, following a six-week trial, a federal court in the
District of Columbia rejected the U.S. Department of Justice's effort
to block the megamerger between AT&T Inc. and Time Warner Inc. on
antitrust grounds. The case is of note because it appears to signal a
more aggressive approach by DOJ to vertical mergers and is the federal
government's first court challenge of a vertical merger in nearly 40

Since the late 1970s the enforcement agencies have challenged a very
small percentage of vertical mergers and each of those matters was
resolved by the parties without trial. The district court's refusal to
block the merger has the potential to check the government's new-found

larger vertical mergers in the near future and provide companies and
practitioners with greater clarity regarding the standards the
antitrust enforcement agencies will apply in evaluating vertical

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