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PricewaterhouseCoopers Presents
The CommunicationsDirect Daily Update
For June 06, 2007

VimpelCom Makes It Two Out of Three as Second Court Backs Its URS Purchase

     The Supreme Arbitration Court of Russia has upheld the legality
     of the 2005 purchase of Ukrainian RadioSystems (URS) by
     VimpelCom. The move had been driven by Altimo, now a 42.2% voting
     shareholder in VimpelCom, and opposed by Telenor, currently a
     29.9% shareholder in VimpelCom. The Supreme Court ruling supports
     several previous rulings ...

Orange Signs Preliminary Agreement for Acquisition Of

     French mobile group Orange, part of France Telecom, has signed a
     preliminary agreement with German incumbent Deutsche Telekom for
     the acquisition of the latter's Spanish unit,, according
     to the Spanish daily, Expansión. Under the terms of the
     agreement, Deutsche Telekom will be obliged not to offer
     broadband services in ...

Jyngle Rings for Social Networkers

     Online social networking is a great idea, but only if it's
     easy and convenient for people to do. Because they're both
     portable and ubiquitous, mobile phones are perhaps the best
     online social networking tools. Brevient, a software development
     company headquartered in Milwaukee, wants to take advantage of
     mobile phones' social ...

E-Mail Senders Can Pay to Bypass Filters

     NEW YORK -- Four more Internet service providers will start
     charging banks, e-commerce sites and other large e-mail senders for
     guaranteed delivery. In deals expected to be announced Thursday,
     Goodmail Systems Inc. is expanding its CertifiedEmail program to
     Comcast Corp., Cox Communications Inc., Time Warner Cable
     Inc.'s ...

HTC Launches Touch

     Mobile Phone manufacturer HTC has launched an iPhone competitor, the
     HTC Touch. A Microsoft Mobile-based handset, the Touch uses
     HTC's TouchFLO navigation system -- consumers simply sweep their
     finger up the display to launch an animated, 3-dimensional interface.
     User can reorient the interface by swiping a finger right or
     left ...

Bazalgette's Mobile Dis-Content

     MONTE CARLO, France -- Mobile Entertainment Market 2007 -- Big
     content providers say mobile operators must open up their
     networks and simplify data tariffs to make the mobile
     entertainment market grow. "Two years ago we thought the mobile
     industry was the perfect place to put content," says Peter
     Bazalgette, chief ...

Packaged Approach to E-Discovery

     With CIOs facing ever-increasing legal and compliance pressures,
     vendors are cranking up their efforts to solve firms e-discovery
     woes. Today SAN specialist Xiotech unveiled its first email
     archiving and e-discovery system, Corporate Evidence Management
     System (CEMS), which captures and classifies electronic files.
     Recent ...

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