Cities Are Teaming Up To Offer Broadband, And The Fcc Is Mad [telecom]

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By Susan Crawfords

THIS IS A story that defies two strongly held beliefs. The first -
embraced fervently by today's FCC - is that the private marketplace is
delivering world-class internet access infrastructure at low prices to
all Americans, particularly in urban areas. The second is that cities
are so busy competing that they are incapable of cooperating with one
another, particularly when they have little in common save proximity.

These two beliefs aren't necessarily true. Right now, the 16 very
different cities that make up the South Bay region of Southern
California have gotten fed up with their internet access situation:
They're paying too much for too little. So they are working together
to collectively lower the amounts they pay for city communications by
at least a third. It's the first step along a path that, ultimately,
will bring far cheaper internet access services to the 1.1 million
people who live in the region.

Bill Horne
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