Charter promises Internet service to family--then says it'll cost $16,000 [telecom]

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Charter promises Internet service to family - then says it'll cost $16,000

Charter falsely told man that service was available at new home.

By Jon Brodkin

When Chad Pierce and his family bought a new house this year, they
made sure of one thing: that getting Internet service wouldn't be a

"The first thing we did was go on [Charter] Spectrum's website and
punch the address in," Pierce told Ars, recalling the day this past
summer when he and his family saw the house in Newaygo, Michigan, that
they'd ultimately buy.

The Charter website indicated that Internet service was available at
the address. But Pierce wanted to make extra sure. "I had read
articles saying the [Internet providers'] websites aren't always
accurate," he noted. So he called Charter's customer service line and
was told the same thing - that Internet was available.

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