Charter agrees to pay millions back to customers for .. lying [telecom]

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[NY Daily News]

  After being accused of defrauding its internet subscribers, Charter
Communications Monday agreed to a whopping $174.2 million settlement
with state Attorney General Barbara Underwood, the Daily News has

In February 2017, the AG charged in a civil lawsuit that Charter
Communications, and its predecessor Time Warner Cable, knowingly
delivered since 2012 slower internet speed to customers than promised.

Under a deal reached Monday, Charter Communications/ Spectrum
Management Holding Co. agreed to repay $62.5 million directly to more
than 700,000 active customers, who will each receive between $75 and
$150 from the company.


  The company also agreed to provide 2.2 million of its active
subscribers in New York more than $110 million worth of streaming
services and premium channels at no charge, the AG's office said.


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