CenturyLink: Strategy Has Merits [telecom]

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* CenturyLink's Strategy Centered Around On-Net Buildings.

* Capex Synergies derived from Level 3 Acquisition.

* Consumer Strategy Centered Around Upgrades to Higher Bandwidth and
  Price-for-Life Promotion.

To state that CenturyLink (CTL) stock has had a bad year is to state
it mildly. Its stock has performed badly when the broader market has
done well. The company is struggling to grow revenue and profitability
in a highly competitive market. What can current, and future
shareholders look forward to in the company? What is the strategy laid
out by the company for revenue and profitability growth? Does that
strategy hold merit? What are some things that current and future
shareholders can look-out for as signs of positive progress at the


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