CenturyLink Outage Should Be a "Wakeup Alarm" for America! [telecom]

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I would call this outage by CenturyLink a 'Wake Up' alarm for
America. Many could not use 911! Why is CenturyLink being so secretive
as to the cause? Do they not know the cause? Then why not say so! Its
interesting that we have not heard from the D.C. politicians on this!
The FCC says it is going to start a probe of the failure.  

In Boston a 1852 Fire Box was used to alert the Fire Department of a
fire because 911 was not working! That is a huge statement on how we
so much rely on all this modern day technology that failed us this
week BIG TIME!, whereas an 1852 Fire Box saved the day in Boston!


Bill Horne
(Remove QRM from my email address to write to me directly)

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