CenturyLink Audio Line is Out [telecom]

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by Bill Wyatt
CenturyLink Audio Line is Out

This morning around 10 AM our audio line that feeds the transmitter at
Koehler from our studios went dead. You may recall we experienced some
damage during storms last month causing the top portion of a utility
pole to break off and fall to the ground. This same pole feeds our
transmitter building. The pole was replaced today, and apparently, the
workers did not reconnect the line. We reported the problem and
CenturyLink has indicated they would have someone out within 24
hours. Given their word, WHEE should return to the airwaves sometime


Bill Horne
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***** Moderator's Note *****

A small radio station, but a big problem: Verizon and its predecessors
have always taken extraordinary care to make sure that services
provided to opinion-makers like radio stations receive extraordinarily
reliable service.

Why Centurylink would choose to pick a fight with a guy who buys
electronic ink by the barrelful is beyond me.

Bill Horne

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