CenturyLink and Level 3 FCC Filing [telecom]

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CenturyLink and Level 3, WC Docket 16-403

Docket Number: WC Docket 16-403

CenturyLink, Inc. (CenturyLink) and Level 3 Communications,
Inc. (Level 3) have filed applications seeking the Commission's
approval to transfer control of various licenses and authorizations
held by Level 3's operating subsidiaries to CenturyLink. Level 3
focuses on providing its services to businesses, primarily large
enterprise customers. It provides primarily fiber-based communications
services such as Internet backbone, broadband transport, collocation,
voice, and IP-based services throughout the United States and
internationally in South America, Asia, and Europe. Level 3's fiber
assets include more than 209,000 owned or controlled route miles of
fiber. CenturyLink provides consumer and enterprise series as an
incumbent local exchange carrier in portions of 37 states and provides
enterprise series as a competitive local exchange carrier throughout
the country. CenturyLink provides communications services including
voice, wholesale local network access, high-speed Internet access,
data transmission, and transport services through its copper and fiber
networks. CenturyLink provides high-speed Internet access to over six
million customers and has approximately 11.7 million access lines.


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