Can Verizon Build A Strong Brand From The Bones Of Yahoo And Aol? [telecom]

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By Erin Griffith

Tim Armstrong HAS spent the last year under renovation. After AOL, the
company Armstrong has run for the past nine years, merged with newly
acquired corporate sister Yahoo in June, Armstrong was tasked with
uniting the two. First he announced a new brand name "Oath" suggesting
a move away from the stale early days of the internet that many people
associate with AOL and Yahoo. Then he united his fiefdom physically,
bringing disparate Yahoo properties like Tumblr and Yahoo News under
one roof in the storied Wanamaker Building in New York's Greenwich

Oath now occupies four floors of the building. (Facebook's New York
headquarters takes up another four.) Boardrooms and offices have been
ripped out and replaced with video studios, podcasting studios,
newsrooms, tech labs, and snack bars. A life-size stuffed gorilla (a
TechCrunch mascot) covered in Tumblr stickers stands guard in front of
Armstrong's corner meeting room.

Bill Horne
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