Caller ID is my own name/number? [telecom]

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Just now the phone rang, and the CID showed *my own name and number*.  
I let it go to the answering machine (we do call screening). No  
message was left.

It was on the home phone, a Comcast Xfinity VOIP number.

ISTR this happened once before about a year ago.

How or why would a telemarketer/scammer do this ?

Re: Caller ID is my own name/number? [telecom]
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Fake caller-id is a difficult technical problem.  The FTC is giving it
a lot of attention, and it'll be a large part of the agenda at the
upcoming meeting of the intergovenmental London Action Plan in Dublin
in June.

The problem is that the SS7 signalling network was designed in an era
when there were relatively few phone companies, and they were all well
behaved.  These days, anyone with a VoIP switch can inject CLID data
and while most providers behave themselves, some don't, and the system
provides no easy way to trace the bad data back to the source.  Even
worse, through the magic of the intertubes, even if the person calling
you is in the US, the call may be routed through a sleazy provider in
another country.

The regulators are putting pressure on the telcos to clean up, and to
provide the tools to catch the bad guys, but it's a long slog.  People
who work for the FTC get the same junk calls as anyone else and are
just as annoyed by them as the rest of us.


***** Moderator's Note *****

Ironically, SS7 was put into service to reduce Blue Box fraud, which
was made possible because those whom designed the network couldn't
conceive of a future where someone would break the rules for
commercial gain. It just wasn't in their world-view.

Sort of like the Internet ...

Bill Horne

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