Brief: Separating the Fact from Fiction

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Brief: Separating the Fact from Fiction

Attorney General Barr is Wrong About Encryption

By: Andi Wilson Thompson

*This piece is supported by Access Now, Center for Democracy &
 Technology, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Engine, Internet Society,
 New America's Open Technology Institute, and TechFreedom.

Attorney General William Barr's recent remarks on encryption at the
International Conference on Cyber Security were full of misleading
statements and misguided reasoning.1 Strong digital encryption is the
bedrock infrastructure that allows everyday people, businesses, and
our government to trust technology for critical needs. Barr's demand
that tech companies give law enforcement special access to encrypted
devices would seriously violate that trust, compromising the security
of potentially billions of people by creating a vulnerability that
criminals and terrorists could easily exploit. Moreover, research
indicates that the targets mentioned in Barr's remarks would quickly
migrate to new encrypted services, ensuring law enforcement receives
no benefit from the public's concession of privacy.

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