Botnet takedown snares 3ve, Methbot ad fraud campaigns [telecom]

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The Justice Department indicted eight individuals accused of running
major ad fraud campaigns, including the 3ve botnet, which generated
millions of dollars in fake ad revenue.

By Rod Wright

The Department of Justice Tuesday announced the indictments of eight
people accused of running massive ad fraud schemes that were disrupted
by an FBI-led botnet takedown.

The 13-count indictment, which was unsealed in a federal court in
Brooklyn, charged six Russian nationals and two Kazakhstan citizens
with crimes including wire fraud, computer intrusion, aggravated
identity theft and money laundering. The defendants - Aleksandr
Zhukov, Boris Timokhin, Mikhail Andreev, Denis Avdeev, Dmitry Novikov,
Sergey Ovsyannikov, Aleksandr Isaev and Yevgeniy Timchenko - were
behind a massive botnet as well as two ad fraud campaigns, known as
Methbot and 3ve, that generated millions of dollars. Ovsyannikov,
Zhukov and Timchenko were recently arrested in Malaysia, Bulgaria and
Estonia, respectively, and are awaiting extradition to the U.S.; the
remaining defendants are still at large.

Bill Horne
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