Balloon Test Notice [telecom]

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Town of Mendon AT&T / FirstNet Wireless Communications Facility and
Tower: Balloon Test Notice New Cingular Wireless PCS, LLC ("AT&T"),
for itself and the federal First Responder Network Authority
("FirstNet") proposes to install a 140' monopole telecommunications
tower at property located on property located off of U.S. Route 4 in
Mendon owned by CVMENDON, LLC, Tax Map 06-02011.006, in the Ridgeline
Overlay District. The Project will allow capabilities for FirstNet, a
national statewide interoperable network for first responders, as well
as improving AT&T coverage in Mendon and Chittenden. More information
concerning the project can be found in the 248a Advance Notice dated
November 8, 2019, which can be reviewed and downloaded at the
following website link:

The Town of Mendon has asked AT&T to conduct a balloon test for the
new facility in late January / early February 2020, when weather
conditions are suitable. A balloon will be flown at a height of 140'
in order to produce photographic simulations documenting the project's
visibility. The balloon will be flown from roughly 9am until 1pm, and
photographed from roads, highways, and locations requested by the
Town. Once prepared, the photographic simulations will be available
for viewing by the general public.

Bill Horne
Telecom Digest Moderator

P.S. This is one of those stories that I just had to run, if only to
show what a PITA it can be to put up a new tower. ;-)

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