Attackers exploit an iTunes zeroday to install ransomware [telecom]

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Apple patches actively exploited flaw that let ransomware crooks evade AV protection.

By Dan Goodin

Attackers exploited a zeroday vulnerability in Apple's iTunes and
iCloud programs to infect Windows computers with ransomware without
triggering antivirus protections, researchers from Morphisec reported
on Thursday. Apple patched the vulnerability earlier this week.

The vulnerability resided in the Bonjour component that both iTunes
and iCloud for Windows relies on, according to a blog post. The bug is
known as an unquoted service path, which as its name suggests, happens
when a developer forgets to surround a file path with quotation
marks. When the bug is in a trusted program - such as one digitally
signed by a well-known developer like Apple - attackers can exploit
the flaw to make the program execute code that AV protection might
otherwise flag as suspicious.

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