AT&T sim-jacking highlights a strong use-case for Digi-ID [telecom]

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Digibyte (DGB) - AT&T sim-jacking highlights a strong use-case for Digi-ID

By Nick Mwenda

Digibyte (DGB: Hackers are getting bolder by the day, and crypto
investors are increasingly becoming a huge target of attacks.  This is
quite understandable considering the immense amounts of wealth that
cryptos have generated in the last few years. The latest attack was
targeted at crypto entrepreneur Michael Terpin who lost over $23
million in a sim jacking case.

While this loss is tragic, it also exposes the vulnerability of
commonly used security features such as SMS 2-FA. Clearly, there is a
need for companies and individuals to move to more advanced and
tamper-proof security technologies. One such technology is Digi-ID, an
open-source identification system developed by Digibyte.

Bill Horne
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