AT&T Rewrites History, Claims Killing Net Neutrality Will Provide 'Enormous Benefits' [tel...

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Big telecom continues to make the extremely unconvincing sales pitch
that we don't need net neutrality.

By Karl Bode

For several months now, major internet service providers like Comcast
and Verizon have been breathlessly-insisting that the repeal of net
neutrality protections is simply no big deal. Sure, Large ISPs may
have spent the better part of 15 years and millions of dollars trying
to kill net neutrality and broadband privacy protections, but the
nation's giant ISPs would have you believe they have absolutely no
intention of actually taking advantage of this fact.

For example, in a video posted earlier this year, Verizon went so far
as to use a fake journalist to interview Verizon general counsel Craig
Silliman, who proceeded to claim that consumers should rest easy
because none of this is actually happening.

Bill Horne
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