AT&T Reportedly is Considering Selling DIRECTV's Sattelite Service to DISH [telecom]

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by Luke Bouma

For years we have talked about the possibility that DISH and DIRECTV
would follow in the footsteps of Sirius and XM radio with a
merger. Now, accounting to Reuters, AT&T is considering selling off or
merging the DIRECTV satellite service with DISH.

AT&T has already made it clear they plan to no longer support the
satellite service at some far-off distant time. Recently AT&T
announced that they did not plan to launch any new satellites for
DIRECTV. This means when the current satellites break down, they won't
be replaced. (Something that won't happen for many years.) AT&T says
they plan to slowly move all of their customers over to a new
streaming service that is launching later this year.

Bill Horne
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