AT&T and Verizon both want to run massive ad-tracking networks to rival Facebook [telecom]...

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Tracking everything that happens on your phone

By Nilay Patel

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson spoke at the Code Conference today, where
he took issue with the government's antitrust lawsuit blocking its
purchase of Time Warner. Then he laid out exactly why he wants to buy
it: to sell ads to the customers it already tracks.

[Time Warner's] Turner has an amazing inventory of advertising that
they just kind of sell broadly. It's not a very targeted advertising
approach. AT&T has an amazing amount of data - customer data for 40
million pay TV subscribers in North and South America, 130 million
mobile subscribers, 16 million broadband subscribers. We have really
great customer insight on what kind of shows and media content they're
viewing, where they are, all kinds of information on the consumer. Can
you pair a very formidable ad inventory with a very formidable amount
of data and information on the customer - viewership data and all
kinds of other information - and can you create something unique just
from a straight advertising platform and change how you're monetizing

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