Apple Releases A New Version Of iOS 12.1.2 For iPhones [telecom]

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By Amit Chowdhry

Today Apple rolled out a revision of iOS 12.1.2 (build 16C104) as a
replacement to the update that was released on Monday. The original
iOS 12.1.2 update (build 16C101) was specifically for the iPhone,
which contained bug fixes and included a potential workaround for the
Qualcomm patents that a judge in China ruled Apple was violating.

If you have already updated to iOS 12.1.2, then you will not see the
new version of iOS 12.1.2 appear in the Settings app. There is
speculation that Apple decided to issue a revised version of iOS
12.1.2 to make some additional subtle adjustments that needed to be
pushed out before iOS 12.1.3 rolls out most likely next month.

Bill Horne
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