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      I just found this site a few minutes ago: .

      I've barely clicked around in it.  But it could be useful for anyone
who needs to see area code layouts.

      I realize that area codes exceed boundaries any more.  Regardless of
what the area code(s) is/are on a person's phone, they could be
anywhere in the world where there is wireline or wireless service

      Nevertheless, some of you may find this Web site to be useful.

      Apologies if this URL has already been posted on Telecom Digest.  I
don't remember seeing it, though.


[telecom] another source, was: All Area Codes dot Com

Quoted text here. Click to load it

One of the frequent (well, formerly frequent) contributers
to Telecom Digest, Linc Madison, has a pretty good data set
over at:

The latest update in it is from just a week ago, so let's let
him know we haven't forgotten him!

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Re: All Area Codes dot Com
On Monday, October 22, 2018 at 6:05:25 PM UTC-4, Fred Atkinson wrote:
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It has a few minor errors--in the exchange "Active Phone Number  
Prefixes" list, the Introduced-Date seems way too recent for
old exchanges.  For instance, some exchanges dating from at
least from the 1950s are shown as been introduced in 1994.

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