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my predecessor setup a system which had a camera connected to a VCR and then
to small TV set.
It hasn't worked for the longest time and now we are planning on getting new
What equipment should i get to get equivalent functionality. We want camera
which can
work in the dark as well as light settings. Digital recorder is preferable
to VCR.
I picked out some products from honeywellvideo website but not sure if this
is what i need

Digital Recorder:



If I can get the same functionality with lower priced products (or if i
picked out
the wrong things) please advise.

Thank you very much

Re: Security Equipment Recommendations
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I've seen a demo of some real slick Linux-bases security camera
applications.  Run in on a plain PC with a big disk and it will record
many hours of video.  It will handle a bunch of cameras and even use
the cheapo CCD cameras you can buy in the computer store.

Sorry. I can't recall the names of the pakages, but the price was

a d y k e s @ p a n i x . c o m

Don't blame me. I voted for Gore.

Re: Security Equipment Recommendations
Howdy -

The cameras and monitors from Honeywell Video are fine.  You want to
steer away from pc or linux based recorders in my opinion.  For
security use, you don't want to be bothered with system crashes,
process freezes, updates, etc.  Hardware based DVR's are much more
reliable, but cost more.  You'll be happier in the long run with a
hardware DVR.  Other brands to consider for DVR's would be Dedicated
Micros or Kalatel.  An alternative to buying cameras that will work in
the dark, is purchasing a Dynapel video enhancement box.  Then you can
use any cameras and just view the adjusted video.

Good luck.
Sonitrol Savannah

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