Re: Replacement alarm panel for keen DIYer

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There was a time when there were several of us on here with
Cytech Comfort alarms. These fail the 'cheap' test - they
never were cheap, but they're now significantly more expensive
than they were when I installed a couple 10 years ago (BTW, both
still working fine). They can do serial or ethernet connection
via add-on cards. Software is available (Windows), but the
raw serial/ethernet protocol is fully published so you can write
your own (which is what I did).

In addition to the security alarm function, it's a fully featured
home automation (HA) system. If you were only going to use it
as an alarm, I'm guessing there are cheaper systems, but I'm
way out of date with what's on the market now. If HA interests you,
then you might consider the additional investment in a Comfort
system worthwhile.

System is designed for either DIY or professional install, but
you will need some knowledge of programming to configure it.
The programming is extremely powerful and you can use that to
do pretty much anything you can think of.

It can be programmed to conform to UK requirements for monitoring
with police response, but would need to be on maintenance contract
with your ability to program it locked out. Otherwise you can
have it monitored without police response, or unmonitored, and
have programming access.

Andrew Gabriel
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