Sprinkler system screwup

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Had a good one today customer who recently just bought a shopping center and
I just took service over on

. Previous  owner  had his air compressor for dry pipe system worked on  did
not realise
the wrong motor was installed on it. Compressor was designed for 230 single
phase and some one installed a 3 phase motor
with out proper motor contactor and starter. So during storm power single
phased and when compressor came on motor burned and main breaker tripped on
service panel killing power to an old fire alarm which batteries were not
changed and air leaked out of system and filled it with water overnight and
started leaking in cieling where air leak was and since batteries were never
changed no trouble signals ever got out

What a mess. new sprinkler contractor has ordered proper parts and hopefully
everthing will be back to normal in couple days and  the  newly installed
system will now be monitored.

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