Software for Sur-Gard System 1

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We currently have a Sur-Gard PCL card running on an old 386 computer with Reporter Software.  Looking to update to a Sur-Gard System 1.

Our company has a Hotel golf courses, arena and 3 housing projects which includes water, sewer and lots of equipment.  Have various alarm panels located throughout property that dial in to the PCL card.  I probably have 30 accounts in total.

We can source the System 1 but I am having problems with what sort of software I should be getting.  Google results are rather vague and usually include vendors that deal with all type of different industrial monitoring.

I was hoping that someone could please advise me.  I am located in Canada and a Canadian vendor would be preferable.



PS I am open to suggestions if there other options for monitors, it doesn't have to be Sur-Gard.  All alarm panels are DSC or Paradox.

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