Slanging matches on this forum.

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I joined this group a couple of weeks ago to get some advice abt
Wireless alarm systems. Thankfully, I got some decent posts from decent

However, I am put off with the personal slanging matches about Bass and
Mugford (and others?) and their 'personal history'. WHO CARES??

Isn't the purpose of groups such as this to impart useful information
to those who request it? If you people insist on continuing your stupid
arguments over a public forum, set up your one new forum to do it in
instead. Don't haijack this forum to make your own petty poiints at
each other.

The lot of you sound like primary grade girls and truthfully speaking,
so called 'adults' should know better!

Re: Slanging matches on this forum.
Hello....what planet you from.......
We only bash those that deserve it......
Mr. Bass deserves it.....if you were a
regular on here, you would understand.
Don't stand up and try to make a point,
when you don't know what you're talkin about.....

Norm Mugford

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Re: Slanging matches on this forum.
Thanx for the response there Norm. Seems that my post was perhaps
justified. I'm not interested in what has happened in the past between
you / Bass / others and you guys have to ask yourselves if a lot of
others that browse or post on this group do too.

Note the description of this board:

Description:   Discussion of Home/Business/Vehicle security alarms.

Not arguments about who deserves what and why or who did what in the
past. I posted on this forum for useful advice - not a brief history of
your arguments every time I come and take a look!

As for the planet query. Not yours or Bass's, that's for sure.

Re: Slanging matches on this forum.
I'm sorry, but your post appears to be off topic, please refer to the
"description of this board" and post accordingly. I'm not interested in your
opinion on slanging matches or anything else that is not relevant to the
groups stated purpose and you have to ask yourself  if a lot of others that
browse or post on this group are interested either.

Doug L

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Re: Slanging matches on this forum.
the mudslinging is also off topic...and annoying to most viewers...but it ain't
gonna stop.

sometimes it's entertaining though.

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Re: Slanging matches on this forum.
Sorry Doug L. Your comments directed at me there? You've effectively
repeated just what I said, re description of board and stated purpose

If your criticizing me, then perhaps similar posts from yourself should
be directed to those who keep using this board as a public place to
sort out their disagreements.

Ref other people being interested? Perhaps for pure entertainment
value, but certainly not for securing useful information or tips ref
"Discussion of Home/Business/Vehicle security alarms". IE Stated
purpose of board.

Re: Slanging matches on this forum.

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The stated purpose of this board is "discussion of RLB" and "slanging anyone
and everyone" that posts here.  You've obviously missed the change in the
Group's FAQ.  Alarms and security systems have nothing to do with RLB (or
this Group), so please stop asking questions about them.


Re: Slanging matches on this forum.

Btw 'RLB' ??

Re: Slanging matches on this forum.

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Robert L. Bass

Re: Slanging matches on this forum.
I'm not criticizing you or anyone else, my comments are tongue in cheek and
are directed at the absurdity or maybe even the irony of  a thread (and all
those, myself included that participate in it) that simultaneously complains
about off topic disagreements at the same as engaging in them.

I didn't think I'd have to explain that

Doug L

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Re: Slanging matches on this forum.
(Nods in agreement)

Sorry Doug, missed the tone of your post there.


Re: Slanging matches on this forum.
Here allow me to help get Doug's message across....
What Doug meant to say was ...........
Shut your fucking piehole we don't care if the board isn't to your
liking. You came here to mooch advice, and now you know who's decent
and who isn't? What's the criteria? Only those that responded to you
are decent?
Listen porkchop, this board is frequented by people who get PAID to
work, not sidewalk Santas handing out free treats, and if you don't
like the mudslinging with your free helping of advice then saddle up
your pony and ride your monkey ass to other pastures.

Now as I said earlier I was only helping you understand Doug's message.
As for my opinion? Well, I prefer to remain neutral.

Re: Slanging matches on this forum.
Ever the diplomat Tom, I have always admired the way you can get your point
across without alienating or offending anyone. How would I ever get by
without your help?.

Doug L


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Re: Slanging matches on this forum.
You know me, Doug, anything to help a pal :-)

Re: Slanging matches on this forum.

no wires showing wrote:
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I know you'd do well at any peace negotiations.

Union arbitration meetings ....  the UN could certainly use your
talents in mediation committies.

And I'd bet you would have been a great juror in the Michael Jackson
case too.

Calm, collected, unbiased, un-opinionated,impartial detached,
objective, unprejudiced .....

Ummmmm does at least 'one' of those words appear familiar to you
.........?  Ahh forgeddaboutit. None of them is important here anyway.

(heh heh heh heh)  ):-)

Re: Slanging matches on this forum.
So do you know what Michael jackson and caviar have in common?

They both come on little crackers

Re: Slanging matches on this forum.
Will his nose fly off if he sneezes hard?

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Re: Slanging matches on this forum.
He'll just buy another Mr Potato head and replace it

Re: Slanging matches on this forum.
He has got to  be the most bizarre looking ...guy?

Michael Tyson joke:

What's Michael Tyson's favorite breakfast cereal?
--- 'eerios

You've probably heard it before.


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Re: Slanging matches on this forum. wrote:
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For your information, you don't "join" a Usenet Newsgroup, despite the
fact that the use of the word "group" in Newsgroup entices one to think
that it is actually a group to join. In reality, you post and inquiry,
opinion or resoponse and wait and see what kind of response you're
going to get. No one actually cares whether you're here or not. And, no
one actually cares ....... what you care. You make your observations,
choose to comment or not and then just sit there and see what comes
back at you.
If you disagree with the response and you're moved to do so, you can
continue to engage with others who oppose your opinions. If you've come
here with the inclination of thinking that the rules for behavior are
the same here as they are in real life, ........ you're mistaken. I
made the same mistake a long time ago. However, Robert Bass set me
straight when he said that it was his goal to do what ever he chose to
do here and that no one runs this group or could tell him what was
proper or acceptable behavior. He's continued to follow those rules,
regardless of the consequenses. He continues to follow that rule and
......... you know what? In real life, if someone doesn't follow the
acceptable rules of social engagement, one way or another, that
individual is "expelled" from the "group" Here ( in Usenet) there isn't
any way to "expell" someone who is disagreeable or a source of turmoil.
Yes, as done to him in another group that he used to disrupt, years
ago, ignoring him would eliminate the objectionalbe dialog you are
protesting, but it would not stop him from making disparaging remarks
about installers and installation companys...... not stop him from
stealing information that is posted here and claiming it as his own. It
would not stop him from posting durogatory comments on a competitors
website under an assumed name. It wouldn't stop him from lying about
people here, nor prevent him from going "real life" with people to get
them in trouble with their employers   ..... nor stop him from trying
to find out personal information about people who keep their identities
concealed, so that he can attempt to ruin their reputations or get them
in trouble ......... simply because he doesn't like them. It wouldn't
stop him from decieving end users who come here, looking for
information into believing that he is still in the installation
business, when, in fact, he hasn't installed anything nor does he know
much about the latest technologies for going on seven/eight years now.
It wouldn't stop him from deceiving people that he is doing business
with that he has a good reputation, when in fact he doesn't. Not in
business nor in his personal life. He's a convicted felon for a gun
related crime and responsible for someone death due to neglegence.

So, as you can see, ignoring him is tantamount to enabling him to
perpetuate the ruse that is his goal here in ASA (
Which, by the way was set up by the originator to be a Usenet group for
alarm installers and whose FAQ states that no one should actively use
the group to sell their services or products. The founder of the group
actually confronted Bass with this and Bass, in his terms, told him to
stuff it. He (Bass) could do what ever he wanted here and no one could
tell him what or what not to do. Steve ( the originator) left the
group, never to return.

Bass will not stop what he does and ignoring him will only enable him.
The only resource to those that object to what he's done to usurp this
group and to constantly and openly object to what he is, what he does
and what he stands for. All of it  ........ is NOT acceptable and no
one is EVER going to make the mistake of being misled by the abominable

If you don't like it, obviouly, you're free to say so. But I *do* think
that you've run off at the mouth without knowing the history of this
asshole Bass. You're persistance in objecting to what goes on here will
eventually become boring to you, and you'll go away. An unfortunate
byproduct of objecting to Bass's behavour. But, with his conduct here,
there can never be any semblance to what the potential and purpose of
this Newsgroup could be.

You objected to what you think is unsavory conduct without realizing
that the conduct is occuring because of ......... Bass's unacceptable

You've said your piece now you can stay and live with it ........ or go

By the way, there *is* a UK group. Likely much more civil than here.
Vist us in a year or so. Bass has a bad heart. He may have died by
then. Until such time, things are going to remain the same.

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