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I have to say even after a couple decades in the business I still find new  
ways to do something dumb.  I was working on a jobsite over the weekend and  
got a 4 foot drill bit stuck in a hole.  After I had the wire tied on of  
course.  I gave the wire a yank and the drill came flying out to crack me  
butt end first right on the chin.  A little higher or a little lower and I  
might not be typing this message.  It hit hard enough to ring my bell and  
stagger me slightly.  I was on a ladder at the time.  Fortunately, I  
maintained my balance, just barely.  I guess my misspent youth helped with  
that some.  LOL.


Re: Ring My Bell
On 5/7/2014 10:56 PM, Bob La Londe wrote:
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Ain't it amazing all the interesting ways we can find to hurt ourselves?

If were ever to write a book about installing alarms it would be called,  
'Blood, Sweat and Tools' - Because I generally leave a little of each  
behind on every job...

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Re: Ring My Bell
Bob La Londe Wrote:  

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A long time ago I was pre-wiring a house and stopped to talk with an
electrician.  For some reason I was spinning the chuck of a 1/2 Milwaukee
with the trigger.  Next thing I know it caught in my shirt and rolled up
and smacked me in the chin!  Just my pride was hurt...


They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety,
 deserve neither liberty nor safety. - Ben Franklin

Re: Ring My Bell
On Wednesday, May 7, 2014 10:56:20 PM UTC-4, Bob La Londe wrote:
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Well, I guess I can't miss the chance to tell my famous story.  

Picture this. It's the middle of the winter on a Friday. Working on a house
 under construction. There's a blizzard predicted to start during the day b
ut I show up alone on the job early in the morning and start predrilling. N
o other contractors show up so I have the whole house to myself. Figure it'
ll go quick and I can get home before it gets too bad. Starts blowin and sn
owin just as I get there but I start working anyway. I park the van around  
the back of the house just because it was easier to get my tools inside thr
ough the rear sliding glass door. I have a 1/2 horse power Makita drill ( n
ot a right angle, just regular handle) So, I set up the generator and I'm w
orking along for at least a couple/few hours, all alone, fast as I can. usi
ng a one inch auger bit. Welllll. the bit gets stuck, spins the handle of t
he drill and wraps the cord around my hand with the cord pressed against th
e trigger. My hand is twisted so that I'm pinned up against he wall. I've t
ied a knot between the cord of the drill and the extension cord so I can't  
pull the plug. I'm there for about 10/15 minutes, my hand twisted and feeli
ng like it was going to ... or had already been broken and the drill is sta
rting to heat up because I can't release the trigger. I'd just filled the 3
 gallon tank of the generator.  

The fact that I made one mistake setting up, got me out of the predicament.
I "always" tie the extension cord to the generator so it doesn't pull out.  
When the situation reached a critical point, I figured I was just going to  
have to cut the electrical cord and hope I didn't get electrocuted, I tried
 pulling on the extension cord going to the generator, thinking that maybe  
I could get it to stall if I pulled it up the side of the foundation, .....
. the plug that I forgot to tie, pulled out of the generator.  

I started packing up (with one hand) immediately.

But .... fate wasn't done with me yet. I looked out the front of the house  
 down the entry road for the first time since I started and there were snow
 drifts all over the place. I get the van loaded and go to drive out from a
round the back of the house and there were snow drifts at least up to the w
indshield on either side of the house with no other way out. So ..... I did
 what any other totally pissed off at himself asshole would do ..... I back
ed up to the edge of the property line and probably hit the snow drift doin
g 40. Fortunately it was all powder and I just kept right on acceleration t
ill I got to the paved part of the road.  

My hand wasn't broken but it sure was sore and took a long time before it w
as back to normal. I bit the bullet and bought a right angle drill. Before  
that, I could never figure out why everyone used a right angle drill (WITH  

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